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  • Model: EB-TC900
    Product Name: Output Conveyor

    Food safety plays very important role in food industry, especially for long term operation of the food packaging machinery, which will face more and more strict control and management. Easy clean and maintenance is the key for Easy-belt design and bu...
  • Model: EB-SB3100
    Product Name: Inclined Belt Conveyor

    New Released inclined skirt-belt conveyor, base on easy-clean and installation design and manufacture, Complete 304SUS material building and high quality PU food grade skirt belt, widely used in food/non-food industry. ...
  • Model: EB-BE3100
    Product Name: Out-Fold Bucket Conveyor

    New generation outfolded parts modular design Z type bucket elevator, base on easy-clean and installation, Complete 304SUS material building and high quality food grade blue bucket, widely used in food/non-food packing line, such as rice, seeds, bean...
  • Model: EB-CBE2600
    Product Name: C / U Bucket Elevator for Multihead

    How to make weight filler age-testing or demo-running automatical continously? Easy-Belt design and built C or U type of bucket elevator, with the limited height 2600mm for easy-loading the track and workshop, auto-signal-connect with weight fil...
  • Model: EB-FC1500
    Product Name: Tubular Flat Belt Conveyor

    Easy clean and installation is Easy-Belt main feature, this flat belt conveyor is designed and built for bulk material conveying to the later packing line, widely used for bulk material selecting before formal running, gauge gap design is to avoid du...
  • Model:
    Product Name: Retractable Belt Conveyor

    Flexible material handling solution is our persuit, retractable belt conveyor we design and build for various food/non-food industry, such as finished pouches transportation on packaging line or bath towel transportation line, which is controlled by ...
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