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  • Model: EB-BC3100H
    Product Name: Belt Conveyor with Hopper

    Easy clean and maintenance is the key for Easy-belt design and build, the new generation tubular inclined belt conveyor with big capacity hopper is more flexible material handling application for food or non-food industry....
  • Model: EB-BE2100
    Product Name: Bowl Elevator for Noodle Dough

    Complete 304SUS building frame and bowl, driven by motor to feed the noodle dough from the scale to later equipment vertical form fill seal machine, bowl is easy installation and dismantle for clean purpose...
  • Model: BE-WP1900
    Product Name: Working Platform

    Considering weight filler stable performance and food safety, Easy-belt design and build the platform with full-continous parts welding instead of point-welding avoiding any dust jamming, easy to clean, and the thickness enough material and strengthe...
  • Model: EB-SC1800
    Product Name: Free Tool Screw Conveyor

    How to hande powder easily and efficiently? powder is very light density and easy spead out with dust, Easy-belt design and release this new level screw conveyor, which is easy to dismantle, install and clean without any tool, inclined and horizental...
  • Model: EB-RCT1200
    Product Name: Rotary Collecting Table

    This rotating collecting table is for handling or cleaning up the finished package such as bags, cups or trays, etc. Round table with protecting edge design avoid droping, rigid supporting legs, adjustable rotating speed, top quality surface finish, ...
  • Model: EB-CBC400
    Product Name: Corner Belt Conveyor

    Corner conveyor is used for various full packaging line, such as pouches, cartons or cups on the whole conveying belt line. Easy-Belt design and build this model with good experience, various belt material is available, such as PVC, PU or ABS, etc, b...
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